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Learn more about SecurID
Visit the SecurID website to learn how to obtain, use and troubleshoot your SecurID.

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Contact the IT Support Centre by phone, e-mail or online service request.

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Security & Privacy Information

SecurID Next Tokencode
If you are having trouble logging in with your SecurID, it might be in next tokencode mode.

As a matter of security, after a certain amount of failed SecurID login attempts, your SecurID will require that you provide two consecutive tokencodes to verify that you are the holder of the SecurID.

You will need to do the following:
  1. Enter your IT Username (the first part of your e-mail address)
  2. Enter your SecurID secret pin (The part of your SecurID passcode before the slash "/")
  3. Enter the numbers currently displayed on your SecurID (the tokencode)
  4. Wait for the numbers on your SecurID to change, then enter the new numbers in the "Next Tokencode" field
  5. Press continue, and if successful try logging in with your SecurID again

IT Username: e.g. janedoe
SecurID Secret PIN: e.g. my1pin
Current Tokencode: e.g. 542357
Next Tokencode: e.g. 132442
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